Congress Appears Headed Toward Short-term Funding

With Donald Trumps win in the presidential election, Congress appears poised to pass a short-term continuing resolution to fund the federal government through February or into March, to afford the new presidents team the opportunity to helpto assist legislate government spending.

A mix of continuing resolutions and complete appropriations to money the federal government through fiscal year 2017 seemed to be on tap before the election, when Democrat Hillary Clinton was the odds-on favorite to win, and Republicans were threatened with losing control of the Senate.

The current continuing resolution expires Dec. 9, and theres very little time in the legal calendar to deal with the funding concern. Lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill today, but are recessing for Thanksgiving before returning to take up financing. While House and Senate leaders in their quick public statements since the election have not devoted yet to a strategy, Hill conservatives are seeking a momentary bill.

Rep. Costs Flores (R-Texas), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, said, The HomeYour house must take the first stepprimary step and pass a very short-term continuing resolution that funds the federal government until the Trump administration has actually put its team in location.

The White Home is trying to find a longer-term costs bundle. In a Nov. 10 rundown, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated, we have regularly advocated for Congress satisfying its duty to pass budgets that provide firms in the federal government certainty about the budget photo. He worried that financing predictability was particularly important for the military and intelligence companies that expend significant sums of loan to keep us safe … just moneying them two or three or 4 months at a time is not a clever way to do it.…

Walsh States He’s Concerned About Boston’s Federal Financing Under Trump Administration

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says hes worried about the citys federal financing under President-elect Trumps administration, because the city offers some securities for

immigrants who are in the nation illegally.Trump says he plans to pull federal dollars from so-called sanctuary cities places where immigrants are not asked about their legal status, and where regional authorities do not prosecute immigrants based entirely on their immigration status.While Boston does not call itself a sanctuary city, there are particular defenses in place for immigrants who live here without legal status. In 2014, the city council all passed a city regulation known as the Trust Act, which restricts regional police from questioning or apprehending somebody on the basis of their immigration status.Should President-elect Trump follow through with cutting the practically$250 million in federal funds Boston gets, Mayor Walsh states it could be felt all over, from infrastructure to real estate to education.But, the mayor says, it cant occur overnight.

[ Trump] cant just merely pull

the plug, Walsh stated. Theres contracts and theres an understanding, money that cities and towns receive from the federal government anyhow, so I do not think its as simple as stating, Stop the cash to Massachusetts or Boston. You cant do that.Walsh states hes not yet believing about where the city may be able to make up for lost federal funding, but rather stated he will wait to see how things unfold after Trump takes office.Walsh does not, however, see the state coming to the rescue should Boston take a hit.I don’t believe the state has the resources to be able to fill a large federal space like that, he stated. Plus, it wouldnt be clever by the White House.

Massachusetts, and Boston in specific, are doing incredibly well as far as moving our economy forward and producing jobs.Mayor Walsh says Boston is a city where immigrants are appreciated and his office continues to advise immigrants searching for paths to citizenship through the Workplace of Immigrant Advancement.

Danger Analysis Gets Personal

Compuscan and Coremetrix, a UK-based business, will supply credit service providers, financial services and insurance businessinsurance provider and threat managers with an alternative ways of assessing the credit reliability of consumers – through psychometric testing.Jacobus Eksteen,

senior information expert at Compuscan, stated: The execution of this testing will unlock to credit for more customers, enabling them to build a better credit record.However, price tests will still play a necessary role in the granting of credit.There are numerous people who do not certify for

credit as they have no credit rating. The testing will empower some of them to show that they ought to not be seen as having high risk.Psychometric screening is utilized in the UK, Poland, Turkey and Russia, and from next year will be adjusted and

executed in South Africa.Chief economic expert at Econometrix, Azar Jammine, welcomed the advancement but said it needs to not be utilized as a be all

and end all measurement for danger assessment.He stated: Theoretically, this might be really helpful, however almost the system could be abused and for that reason it ought to be used as one of many

tests.The tests will be performed after the basic affordability test and consumers will be needed to respond to questions associated with how they deal with various scenarios, brand associations, interests, methods of transportation and their outlook on life.Those applying for loans with online credit suppliers, life insurance providers or merchants could be taking psychometric tests either on their mobile gadgets or online.Eksteen said the tests would also permit for

more precise assessment in the insurance coverage market and could enable formerly high-risk consumers to certify based upon positive test results.He stated: The test doesn’t needhave to be conducted just in the case of a low credit ratingcredit rating(high danger)or thin file (minimal data), but can be utilized in conjunction with the standard techniques to supply a more holistic view of the consumer.If the ratingball game

generated based upon the psychometric test results is not high enough to overturn the initial choice not to grant credit, the initial reason will stand.Jammine said: The concern is that less individuals would [certify] for credit. In the briefshort-term

that could adversely impact retailers but in the long term it could develop a more sustainable environment for consumer spending.…

VA Backtracks On Financing Transgender Surgeries, But Not Since Of The Election

Randy Pench/ZUMA Press/NewscomIt appears that when the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) decided that it would alter the rules and fund sex-change surgeries for transgender soldiers, it stopped workingcannot account for something just a bit crucial: paying for it.

So now, apparently the VA is needing to backtrack on a proposed guideline change. Over the past year, the military began instituting a plan to permit transgender troops to serve openly and to even transition while in service. For veterans, though, there is a blip in the system. While the VA covers various types of treatment that assist transgender veterans, VA policy particularly omits sex-change surgeries. This does not indicate veterinarians cant get sex-change or gender-reassignment surgical treatments. It indicates the federal government is not going to spend for it. Its dealt with as an optional surgical treatment.

Theres been a push to alter this designation, and while some may discover the concept questionable (and the concept of being transgender suspect), there is assistance amongst medical expertsphysician that sex reassignment surgery is possibly a reliable, valid type of treatment. However undoubtedly not everyone concurs, and so funding for treatment for transgender issues is politicized. I wrote more about the complicated problems included here (Summary: If we as Americans are going to money medical treatment for veterans, its hard to justify omitting this treatment just due to the fact thateven if people outside the medical profession don’t think its legitimate).…